Learn how the Proto AI Commerce™ subscription works

Once subscribed to Proto AI Commerce™, our system will transition your store through different stages of analysis and evaluation needed to provide your site with predictive AI-powered product recommendations.

Think about these stages as “steps” to be completed successfully before take-off — each stage is consecutive and non-repetitive and plays an important role.

Learning Stage

Before starting the trial period, our AI observes, thinks, and learns, all in an effort to better understand the environment of your website and how to effectively sell your products. Learning varies depending on a few factors, like site traffic of your store and product engagement.

You can view your current stage in the Subscription tab of the Proto AI Commerce™ App:

Once the AI has learned enough from your store, two things could happen:

  1. The AI has gathered enough information to better sell your products and is ready to begin the Trial, this will happen automatically.
  2. The AI has concluded that traffic levels and product engagement are below our threshold where we can effectively grow revenue, in which case we will inform you of what is needed for us to be effective for your site and we will place your subscription on hold until your site meets the necessary requirements.

Trial Stage

During the 30-day trial period you can measure effectiveness of Commerce™ recommendation versus standard recommendations with a true A/B test. For example, if a store has 100 users online at the same time, then 50 of them will be presented with Commerce AI-driven product recommendations while the other 50 will be presented random recommendations.

Once the Trial ends, you will be notified of performance and usage cost that would have been incurred and automatically transition to an Active subscriber. Your payment method will not be charged during this stage.

Active Stage

Once you are a subscriber of Commerce™, our recommendations will reach 100% of your incoming traffic to drive revenue lift. You can view your current stage in the Subscription tab of the Proto AI Commerce App:

You have successfully completed each of the stages and your store is ready to continue driving revenue with Commerce. Charges will occur on a monthly billing cycle based on consumption. Click here to learn more about how this is calculated.

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