Learn about the Proto AI Commerce™ pricing model

Proto AI Commerce™ aims to democratize AI technology by adopting a low-cost, commoditized approach to AI operations, making advanced AI accessible to a wider range of users.

Subscription Model

Proto AI Commerce™ is priced based on a consumption model which delivers Artificial Intelligence as a Service (“AIaaS”), which aligns our costs directly with our customers usage and value received.

At the heart of our pricing is the concept of “AI Thoughts,” a unique unit of measure representing the computational tasks performed by our AI. These tasks encompass the entire operational spectrum of our AI system, including:

  • Observing the environment
  • Thinking about the environment
  • Learning from the environment
  • Responding to user requests

Measurement and Billing

Each of these operations is quantifiable and tracked by our AI, allowing for transparent reporting and billing. Customers are billed based on the number of “AI Thoughts” processed, providing a clear and predictable pricing structure.

An example, for an eCommerce site, would be that on average, each visitor to the site would cost less than $0.01 to deliver the value of the AI.


We charge $1.00 per 1,000 AI Thoughts. This rate is designed to be simple and affordable, ensuring customers only pay for the exact amount of computational processing they use.


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