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About Proto AI

We create advanced intelligence solutions for businesses by understanding where data is most valuable and then applying AI technologies to disintermediate inefficient processes and improve overall outputs. With extensive experience in established methods like neural networks, fuzzy clustering, and active & reinforcement learning, Proto AI scientists have set out to implement methods for ML and AI that the world has yet to see.

Proto AI has commercialized our proprietary Seraphim Predictive Science™ technology which overcomes several weaknesses of other AI methodologies by removing the need for context of the questions asked, reducing the dependency on detailed information about users and allowing for rapid re-learning and re-contextualizing in a dynamic space.
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Our team has over 100 years of combined
AI development experience

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Proto AI is a customer-focused,
support-oriented organization

What makes Proto AI different?

Our AI sees through the noise of the data

Understands people first and then answers questions in the context of the person being served

Very different from layered Neural Nets that are powered by big data to answer factual questions and usually trained by facts and respond based only on those facts

Learns rapidly using sparse data and constantly re-trains as behavior evolves or is revealed

Doesn’t take as long to provide understanding & perform from ground zero as other ML & AI methods