Proto AI Commerce™

Drive ecommerce revenue and maximize customer value with predictive AI-powered upsell and cross-sell recommendations.

Easy to install and requires no set up for Commerce™ to learn the site

Real results for ecommerce businesses

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Higher conversion rates
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Lower cart abandonment
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Increase in average order value

Integrates with your favorite ecommerce platforms

Shorten the buyer journey

Showcase products your customers are most likely to buy directly in their sight. Optimize the buying process to complete more sales and minimize cart abandonment

Intelligent AI recommendations

Commerce™ adapts for the individual user by recommending items that compliment what the user is browsing and shopping for, constantly updating its understanding and never relying on stale rules built around previous “best sellers” or “similar purchases” because those may not matter to the customer.

Better outcomes for customers and ecommerce retailers

Deliver a better experience for customers – leading them to spend more and purchase more items that they want – and deliver better results for retailers who experience higher conversion rates and stronger sales growth.

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Proto AI is different by design

We’re on a mission to reshape the way ecommerce businesses operate with next generation tools and solutions that help them make better, smarter decisions, faster. 

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Next generation ecommerce AI, delivered in an app

  • Easy to install and requires no set up for Commerce™ to learn the site.
  • Intelligent AI continuously learns – and unlearns – with no maintenance needed.
  • Purpose-built for ecommerce retailers.

Drive profitable growth and exceed customer expectations

  • AI-powered product recommendations drive higher revenue per site visitor.
  • Intelligent AI promotes the right product for the customer – not just the most popular items.
  • Improve business results with no code, no specialized expertise required.

Sell more product and increase average cart value

  • Convert shoppers into buyers with predictive AI.
  • Increase upsells and cross-sells by shortening the customer journey and surfacing better recommendations.
  • Works regardless of how much historical data you have.

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