Gestalt AI

Introducing the next generation of AI

Artificial intelligence holds the power to revolutionize business, but most AI solutions are limited by one important factor — they don’t know what they don’t know

Introducing Gestalt AI: Episode 1

Small Data Models: Episode 2

Gestalt AI Deep Dive: Episode 3

Cold Start: Episode 4

Real World Uses: Episode 5


Proto AI works by relying on real-time behavior, rather than vast troves of historical data, to make predictions.
  • Can understand what will happen in the future – and make decisions based on that – without ever having seen something similar in the past.
  • Delivers results – and value – right away because it does not require vast amounts of historic data to function.
  • Is flexible, and can solve for use cases that it has not specifically been trained for.
  • Can quickly learn things, and just as quickly “unlearn” to deliver better, more accurate results.

This a revolutionary approach that deviates from the mainstream neural network-based AI models. It’s an exploratory learning AI system that employs a curious learning approach to solve complex problems built on the principles of modular artificial intelligence. The components of this AI system work separately in design but collaboratively in operation. It can ingest raw data streams and separate signals from noise in an unsupervised manner. This feature allows the AI system to learn continuously as it encounters new data, contextualizing the information based on time. This information from different perspectives can reveal insights that would otherwise not be visible from a singular viewpoint. Therefore, Gestalt AI can answer more complex questions with less input data.