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AI-driven recommendation engine
Free to install. Additional charges may apply.
Recommendation Engine

Apply advanced intelligence from user behaviors, personalized recommendations of products that users will want to buy.

Sell More

Drive upsell opportunities, increase cart size, improve lift, create more revenue.

Streamlined custom integration

Strategic partner for any size retail brand, easy integration, readily available experienced support team.

Proto AI delivers a better Recommendation Engine with less

Less data. Less time needed to learn preferences and behavior patterns. Less computing power. Less processing time that bogs down e-commerce site speed. Thanks to proprietary Seraphim Predictive Science™ technology, Proto AI recommendations are uniquely agile and adaptable.

Traditional layered neural networks need large data sets to learn behavior patterns and are “trained” on a pre-determined set of facts. They need time and processing power to get up to speed. Proto AI recommendations produce insights quickly even in the absence of historical data, surfacing relevant insights and patterns without discarding potential alternatives. The ability to revise, correct, and adapt enables application of predictive intelligence to new scenarios in real time.


Free to install

Free to install, but external charges will apply.

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