The Power of Gestalt AI: New Era of Problem Solving

An introduction to Gestalt AI, a new form of Artificial Intelligence that’s reshaping how we solve complex problems. This technology has unique capabilities and problem-solving potential — we’ll explore the practicality and potential of Gestalt AI and why it stands apart from traditional AI.

What is Gestalt AI?

Gestalt AI is a revolutionary approach that deviates from the mainstream neural network-based AI models. It’s an exploratory learning AI system that employs a curious learning approach to solve complex problems. It employs a fresh approach to understanding and manipulating data to observe, measure, learn, think, and answer objective questions.

Gestalt AI is built on the principles of modular artificial intelligence. The components of this AI system work separately in design but collaboratively in operation. It can ingest raw data streams and separate signals from noise in an unsupervised manner. This feature allows the AI system to learn continuously as it encounters new data, contextualizing the information based on time. This information from different perspectives can reveal insights that would otherwise not be visible from a singular viewpoint. Therefore, Gestalt AI can answer more complex questions with less input data.

The Core Principles


Gestalt AI starts by observing the data it’s presented with. This raw, unfiltered data stream is the AI’s playground, where it begins to discover and understand the information it needs to process.


Once the data stream is observed, Gestalt AI measures the information it contains. This measurement isn’t just a simple count or calculation; instead, it’s a thorough understanding of the symbolic and metric components of the data stream.


After measuring, Gestalt AI enters the ‘thinking’ phase. Here, it considers the relationships between the data points, studying how they interact and represent each other.


The learning phase is where Gestalt AI shines. It separates the rich, signal information from the noise, discarding irrelevant information and focusing on what truly matters. This learning process is continuous, as the AI adapts and contextualizes new data.


Finally, Gestalt AI uses what it has observed, measured, thought about, and learned to answer the objective questions it has been asked. This process is not just a simple sum of the previous

steps but a product that far exceeds them, utilizing abductive logic to construct answers beyond the basic information set.

Extrapolation: A Key Feature of Gestalt AI

One of the distinguishing features of Gestalt AI is its ability to extrapolate. Unlike interpolation, which estimates data within an observed range, extrapolation uses known data to estimate information beyond the observed range. This feature helps the AI predict future data points based on the current information it has.

Problem Solving Capabilities

Each part of the ‘observe, measure, think, learn, and answer’ process is a separate, modular piece that, when combined, provides an end result of superior quality.

Gestalt AI has broad problem-solving capabilities. Tackling complex problems by breaking them down into smaller, manageable pieces. The system can create complex systems of logical progression and adaptively change the next step based on learned information.

A key advantage of Gestalt AI is the concept of reusable code. Once an AI application is built to solve a certain problem, the same code can be reused to solve similar problems, without the need for a complete redesign or retraining. This opens up opportunities for faster development and lower operational expenses.

The Future of AI with Gestalt

The potential of Gestalt AI is vast, with its capabilities extending across various industries. Its curious learning approach and the ability to solve complex problems make it a valuable tool for businesses looking to incorporate cutting-edge technology into their operations. With its unique features and capabilities, Gestalt AI is paving the way for future developments in artificial intelligence. Providing a fresh approach to problem-solving, the unique features and capabilities of Gestalt AI make it a powerful tool for developers and businesses alike.

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