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How AI Sales Actually Works

How AI Sales Actually Works By Jeff Billings The core question every business must answer is: How to create a virtuous cycle of value? Every other part devolves from that question being correctly answered. To optimize and reinforce the virtuous … Read More

AI UX the Design Problem

AI UX the Design Problem By Jeff Billings Without understanding how AI impacts user experience, it is at best a blind guess as to what any design decision made by a UX designer will achieve. This issue has been observed … Read More

Explore Proto AI Commerce™: Predictive AI to Sell More Product and Drive Revenue

To stay ahead in ecommerce, brands need to leverage innovative technologies, and one of the most promising is Artificial Intelligence (AI). In a highly competitive market, AI has the potential to optimize the ecommerce industry by automating time consuming processes, … Read More

AI-Powered Sales to Drive Revenue

Our client saw a 99.15% cart rate for recommendation clicks – meaning that recommendations were clicked and then added to the cart in the same session. For comparison, in the same time period, the general cart rate was only 17.8%. … Read More

The Retail Revolution: Understanding the Power of AI in Retail

AI is a pivotal force driving huge transformations in retail. AI’s impact on the retail industry is far-reaching, with its influence permeating retail operations. From enhancing customer experiences to streamlining operations, AI’s transformative capabilities are reshaping the retail landscape. AI … Read More

Advantages of AI-Driven Personalization

Our client saw a 6.2X increase in directly attributable revenue with AI-driven personalization on their website. Influence of AI-driven personalization In ecommerce, AI has been proven to play a key role in driving overall growth and lift in revenue. We’ll … Read More

Uncovering the Impact of AI-Powered Sales Assistance

AI-powered sales using personalization through recommendations have revolutionized online retail. These data-driven tools enhance the customer experience while simultaneously driving sales, by providing tailored and relevant product suggestions. How can product recommendations elevate your business in 2024? We’ll dive into … Read More

Browser to Buyer: Personalize Every Touchpoint on Your Ecommerce Website

With 2024 upon us, it’s time to take a deep dive into the personalization trends that will shape the future of online retail. With AI-powered ecommerce personalization and product recommendation engines, the future looks bright for businesses looking to innovate. … Read More

Real World Uses of Gestalt AI Gestalt AI is an innovative approach to AI that offers a solution to scalability issues that have previously limited the progression of AI technologies. Gestalt AI has proven its efficacy across various deployments, from small-scale sites to large-scale ecommerce … Read More

Understanding the Concept of Cold Start AI Artificial Intelligence is making waves in various sectors, with its ability to provide robust solutions for complex problems. However, it’s important to note that AI’s effectiveness hinges on how quickly it can adapt to new environments and start producing … Read More