AI-Powered Sales to Drive Revenue

Our client saw a 99.15% cart rate for recommendation clicks – meaning that recommendations were clicked and then added to the cart in the same session. For comparison, in the same time period, the general cart rate was only 17.8%.

This cart rate success is due primarily to an increase in placements of our AI across the website — this increased exposure to our AI increases the likeliness of purchase. This strategy of increasing viewability through placement and type of recommendations has proven effective for our client to optimize their online presence through AI-powered sales assistance.

Increased reach and revenue generation in under 30 days

Our goal was to enhance the user experience by providing personalized recommendations at every stage of the buyer journey based on individual preferences and browsing behavior. Over the entire 28-day period, they saw a 24% lift in revenue generated. Also during this period, we saw greater than a 3X in revenue generated per recommendation click — going from $0.30 to $1.00 with Proto AI.

The initial integration spanned 24 days, after this initial integration Proto AI was displayed on several additional pages, expanding the reach of our AI and increasing user interaction. In the four days following this expansion, 43% of the total directly attributable revenue was generated.

One of the key metrics in evaluating the success is user engagement. Throughout the entire period, we saw an impressive change in cart rate to 99.15% for recommendations clicked, resulting in the addition of the recommended item being added to the user’s cart during the same session. The general cart rate for the site for the same time period otherwise was only 17.8%.

Leveraging AI for growth

By extending the reach of Proto AI by displaying recommendations on additional pages, our client was able to significantly increase user interaction and generate additional revenue. The success seen by this client over the short time period underscores the need for businesses to strategically place AI-powered solutions throughout their websites to maximize their impact. As businesses continue to explore AI, the integration of solutions like Proto AI will undoubtedly play a crucial role in their success

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