Browser to Buyer: Personalize Every Touchpoint on Your Ecommerce Website

With 2024 upon us, it’s time to take a deep dive into the personalization trends that will shape the future of online retail. With AI-powered ecommerce personalization and product recommendation engines, the future looks bright for businesses looking to innovate.

But how do you replicate that in-person personal touch? The answer lies in personalization, transforming every visitor from a browser into a valued buyer.

The 2024 landscape for personalization in ecommerce

Personalization in ecommerce isn’t a new phenomenon — but with advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) it has been taken to a whole new level. In 2024, hyper-personalization powered by AI is expected to dominate ecommerce.

Every click, scroll, and abandoned cart tells a story about your visitors. By leveraging data and technology, you can turn this story into a personalized experience that guides them effortlessly toward conversion.

Implementing solutions with AI features can benefit brands, retailers, and customers. According to G2, one of the top considerations when purchasing software is the ability to ROI within six months. Proto AI uses real-time data to suggest relevant products to individual customers, boosting the chances of successful conversions. Imagine your website whispering personalized suggestions in a shopper’s ear, guiding them towards items they’ll love. The result? A significant bump in revenue and an increase in average order value, proving the ROI from day one.

Homepage and navigation

Use product recommendations: Showcase products relevant to their browsing behavior to deliver highly personalized customer journeys.

Implement different display options for recommendations: Meet your customers where they are with accessible recommendations across your website. A good example is our Drawer Widget that sticks to the page similar to a chatbot and allows recommended products to scroll with the customer to improve the overall experience on your website.

Product pages

Show complementary products: Encourage cross-selling and upselling by presenting tailored recommendations that complement their product selections.

Showcase reviews and testimonials: Enable past customers to inspire trust and decision-making by influencing future purchasers.

Email marketing

Segment your audience: Don’t send everyone with the same email, instead offer deals and promotions relevant to their specific needs.

Search and recommendations

Offer site search options: Make search highly visible and let customers find what they’re looking for using images, autocomplete, and error correction options.

Maximize discoverability: Leverage AI to suggest products your customers might love before they even know it.

The key to unlocking the true potential of your ecommerce business? Embrace the power of personalization and turn your website into a welcoming space where every customer feels valued. Continuously test and refine your strategy by A/B testing different approaches. By listening to your customers and responding with tailored experiences, you’ll not only convert browsers into buyers but build lasting loyalty and brand affinity.

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