Advantages of AI-Driven Personalization

Our client saw a 6.2X increase in directly attributable revenue with AI-driven personalization on their website.

Influence of AI-driven personalization

In ecommerce, AI has been proven to play a key role in driving overall growth and lift in revenue. We’ll evaluate the impact with and without Proto AI on revenue generation for our client.

We explored the direct impact of directly attributable and attributable revenue when using Proto AI to enhance user experiences across a client website. The lift in directly attributable revenue generated with Proto AI was 6.2X. Over a 30-day period, the direct attributable revenue seen without Proto AI was $454.88. With Proto AI, in the same period, the direct attributable revenue generated was $2,780.53.

Looking at attributable revenue generated, the integration with Proto AI led to 3.3X improvement in revenue generated. Over a 30-day period, the attributable revenue generated without Proto AI was $3,089.05. Once Proto AI was implemented our client saw $10,163.61 in attributable revenue generated.

Personalization that is tailored to individual user preferences can have a significant impact on business growth, as seen by our client. These enhanced experiences for customers lead to higher conversion rates and increased revenue for ecommerce merchants.

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