Unlock Personalization: A Guide to Effective Product Recommendation Placement

Going beyond “You May Also Like” — our goal is to go beyond the typical and tailor recommendation placement based on customer intent and journey stage. With Proto AI you have options in how you recommend complementary products during product exploration, upselling, and cross-selling.

Take control of your product recommendations with Proto AI’s flexible and customizable widgets. Roughly 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. Maximize discoverability and boost conversions with recommendations that match your brand and feel uniquely yours.

Here are some high-visibility areas to consider to capture valuable customer intent:

  • Homepage: This is the first impression for your customers, spotlight tailored products suggestions.
  • Category and Product pages: When browsing a category, customers are open to suggestions. Show relevant complementary items based on the current category.
  • Checkout and Thank You pages: Recommendations keep customers on your site, browsing and potentially adding more items to their cart in the process.
Grid Widget:

Display between 2 and 5 recommended products on your product page, place this below your product listing to entice the customer to view additional items that complement the product.

Drawer Widget:

Improve product visibility with recommendations that scroll with the customer, customize the look and feel by adding add to cart, pricing, and product descriptions. This is a great option for mobile or tablet browsers — you can even reduce the transparency of the widget to ensure none of the text on your website is hidden!

Banner Widget:

Display a single product on your home page, front and center as the customer enters your site.

Card Widget:

The compact design makes this the perfect addition to your product page descriptions by providing complementary recommendations for the customer.

Vertical Widget:

Recommendations stacked above each other running down the page. An easy way to have recommendations visible as the customer scrolls product listings or blog pages.

Bonus Tip: A/B test different placements and recommendation messaging to see what resonates best with your audience. Try things like “Curated for you” or “Pairs well with” to set yourself apart from other “Recommendations” and create a more personalized experience. Data is your friend — use it to refine your strategy and watch your sales soar!

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