Explore Proto AI: AI-Powered Personalization to Improve Customer Experience

To stay ahead in ecommerce, brands need to leverage innovative technologies, and one of the most promising is artificial intelligence (AI). In a highly competitive market, AI has the potential to revolutionize the ecommerce industry by automating time consuming processes, personalizing the customer experience, and optimizing website performance. Proto AI is reshaping the way ecommerce businesses operate, making AI-powered product recommendations available for online merchants.

The importance of AI product recommendations

AI product recommendations provide intelligent suggestions that can increase revenue and average order value, improve conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment to enhance the buyer’s journey and deliver personalized experiences.

Proto AI can unlock new levels of efficiency for ecommerce teams from automating complex tasks, reducing the need for large volumes of data to provide highly personalized insights that may be otherwise missed. Most importantly — Proto AI learns and unlearns based on user behavior to deliver personalized experiences to customers, which can significantly boost conversions and customer loyalty.

The Proto AI Dashboard: A closer look

Proto AI has developed a dashboard to help you manage your recommended products, customize design and placement of widgets and gain real-time insights into the performance of your website and the effectiveness of the product recommendations.

Key Features:

  • Products: Manage which products within your inventory are surfaced as product recommendations and let our AI do the rest to deliver tailored recommendations to each customer.
  • Customize Widgets: Customizable product recommendation widgets, including our Grid, Drawer, Banner and Card that are designed to captivate customers and drive conversions while browsing on your site.
  • Analytics: Quick, top-level reports in metrics such as Cart Success Rate, Average Purchase Size, Attributable Purchases, and more.
Take a tour of our dashboard

The future of ecommerce is AI-powered

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool to help ecommerce merchants gain efficiency and deliver personalization to their customers. With Proto AI, merchants can integrate AI product recommendations into their strategy to benefit from the power of AI and enhance the customer journey while significantly boosting their ecommerce revenue.

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